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We are the milestone in the jewelry market and the leading Scrap Buyer in Delhi NCR. We dreamt to open this company after facing some problems while some of our senior members were trying to sell jewelry for cash. The need for money drove them to do so and the idea sparked the mind of our honorable director. The company was established with extraordinary policies and having a motto to satisfy each and every person who is reaching their store to exchange their ornaments for money. The starting and running of the company for more than twenty years are different things but now as we had already traveled the long journey with some good and bad experiences, we know that our reputation of being the best gold buyer in Delhi NCR will remain same for a long time. We had changed our self to run with time as we were dealing offline and now if you are thinking how to sell gold online then you don’t have to move anywhere as we had online portals where you can sell your jewelry online. We have many free services and with that, we also try to provide the highest cash against gold to the customers.

Are you looking for a jewelry Buyer?

If yes, then you are at the right destination. We at the outlet of best gold buyers try to buy gold or any item of precious metals. Not only that we provide on the spot price for gold coins, bars, silver coins we buy. Our prices have always been in the talk among other Scrap gold buyers, as we offer the highest price or value of the market based on the amount of pure metals present and also its purity. We buy 24 Karat to 10 Kt and also of any denominations. For the other white metal, we buy sterling precious white metals to utensils, spoons, articles, silver bullion, coins, ingots, silver bars, sheets, old jewelry pieces, etc.

Our extensive range of services starts with online services with the help of which you can sell your unwanted gold, by which you can easily figure out how much, is the current gold prices ongoing for both the precious metal. Once you know the best prices, you can ping us to pick your valuables from any location within a range of 45 KMs. The Gold dealers are available 24x7 to assist you whenever you seek our attention. Moreover, you can visit our outlets; we are currently enabled in more than 20 outlets in all over Delhi NCR. You can visit us anytime at your nearest locations and also get the benefit to discuss a heavy deal with our jewelry experts. Our buyers are experienced from over 2 decades and are able to finance any heavy amount instantly in cash or another preferred medium. Our payout methods are secure.

Why are we different than other jewelry buyers?

To justify this answer, we are available in most of the neighborhoods of Delhi NCR Starting from Noida to Gurgaon, therefore, you will be able to find options like ‘the best gold buyer near me’ also ‘silver buying experts near me’. In no time, and with the help of Google, you will be directly connected to us. Moreover, if you are worried about the prices, then do not worry; we keep room for negotiations, as we only strive for satisfying your financial needs as well as to make a positive bond with our customers. If you want more information about jewelry Buyer then read our Blog.

You are thinking to sell pure gold at pawn shops then it is not going to be a good idea because selling the precious yellow metal at these places will end up with low prices. There are many pure gold jewelers you can ask them even they will be a better option to get cash for jewelry.

After the buying process the whole metal is taken to the refinery where it is melted and put into the refiners this process is to make them pure as much pure as possible because as we all know the refiners melt the precious metal at a very high temperature and it is also known to us that melting temperature of the precious yellow metal is higher than the impurities mixed in it so in this process the other metal is either washed away or they had been left as residue. Then the rest of the yellow metal is taken out and is ready for use in some different ways or to be sold to the jewelers so that they can change the shape and make it an attractive article again. Not only jewelry it can be changed in bars, bullion, coin, etc.

This is the whole procedure and you must know this to Sell Your Jewelry because without this knowledge it is not going to be easy for you or for anyone to trade their ornaments at an ultimate price.

A second-hand jewelry market is a place where you have to go with a fine knowledge if you don't have the knowledge then it will enhance the chances of being cheated and this is not going to be good for you in any case so, please sell your ornaments to the reputed companies and don't take help from pawnbrokers as they will take a big amount as per their commission.

Our Price

Our company, Cashfor Gold and Silverkings Pvt Ltd is counted amongst the premier Gold And Silver Buyer Delhi. We offer excellent price for gold in this industry. The price of gold is paid at the current market rate that's the reason we are the first choice for gold buyer in Noida NCR.

Trust And Accuracy

We here at Cashfor Gold and Silverkings Pvt Ltd use ultra-modern techniques of gold, silver & diamond evaluation. Our team of talented professionals when giving Gold Buyer in Noida NCR takes into consideration the weight of gold before giving you the final price.

Customer Satisfaction

Our group, Gold and silver buyer believes in 100% customer satisfaction, therefore, the highest price for Selling Old Gold For Cash is guaranteed to the customer. Quick service and courteous staff make it a world-class experience.

Free Aassesment

Here at Gold and silver buyer, we do understand that customers are looking for the best price for their precious metals which are not less than any investment. Therefore, free assessment is done for the customer before sells Old Gold For Cash and best deal is assured.

Why Choose Gold and Silver Buyer?


1. Easy to locate:

Gold and silver buyer has various outlets in Delhi NCR, so it's easy to locate. In case you can't come to our office for Selling Old Gold For Cash then just give us a phone call we will send our representative to your home.

2. Better price & minimum time:

We at, Gold and Silver buyer understands that every customer wants the best price for their investments, therefore we offer top price being the premier Gold And Silver Buyer Delhi and complete the whole process in just a few minutes.

3. Data privacy:

Many people feel insecure when they are dealing in with Gold buying company because of data privacy but we Gold and Silver Buyer don't share any transaction records with any agency.

Our Services

When you are willing to sell your gold and silver the first thing you want to know how the testing of the precious metal will be done. We at Gold and Silver buyer Delhi use latest methods of testing which are recognized throughout the world.


Cash Against Gold

Here at Gold and Silver Buyer, we buy everything made of gold no matter what condition. Today we are listed amongst the premier Gold And Silver Buyer Delhi owing to the irresistible deals that we offer. Having over a decade of experience in this industry, we are listed as the first choice for Gold Buyer Delhi which makes us a well-known brand.

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Cash for Silver

Our establishment, Gold and Silver Buyer also deals in Silver. We buy silver jewellery, bars, coins and rings etc at very attractive prices. What makes us special is that we have a team of silver evaluating professionals having rich experience in this domain and will give you the best price.

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Cash for Diamond

We Gold and Silver Buyer are also one of the topmost diamond buyers in Delhi NCR. If you have scrap diamonds or maybe you are not using them then you get in touch with us we will give the fair price for the diamonds. Further, diamonds are evaluated based on clarity, carat & cut and then we quote the price.

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Client Feedback


Sudha Malhotra

Senior Manager

"I visited numerous jewellers for selling my diamond necklace but none of them was ready to pay cash. But Gold and Silver Buyer paid the whole amount in cash."


Rahul Yadav


My wife was not ready to see her old gold and was pressing for new ones. Sold gold at an unbelievable price to Gold and Silver Buyer. Trust me they are awesome.

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